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tedia2sql TODO list

  • Add switches for certain SQL constructs like "cascade", plus some admin switch that turns on/off certain sets of switches.
  • Add trigger-create for Sybase or other RDBMSs that don't implicitly create triggers for foreign-key referential integrity. Priority 3
  • MySQL and MS-SQL SQL DDL output. For this, I am awaiting some DBA that uses Dia and MySQL or MS-SQL, nothing really stopping me from doing it besides that. Priority 2
  • Modify Dia's UML object definitions to be more SQL-specific and rename it to Physical DB ER. Some specific items that would be nice are indexes, sequences, SERIAL column types, unique constraints, views, SQL object creation odering, arbitrary RDBMS-specific SQL statements, etc. These don't have any equivalent in UML, but are common physical DB ER concepts. Priority 3
  • When UML Class comments are in place (Dia 0.91?) parse this and create Class comments in the SQL DDL -- if the database doesn't support comments, create a tedia_comment table for placing comments, and/or place the comments in the DDL script as, duh, SQL comments. Priority 9 (must wait for Dia 0.91).